This Instagram panel lets you add likes, story views, comment likes, comment replies, video views, and post saves to any photo or video.


How it works:

1. You choose what you want to add.

2. Enter link of the post

3. Choose your amount and click add. Within 5-10 minutes the system will automatically add your request.

You can use this panel for as much as you want until the 2 days of your subscription is expired.


These are the things you can add:

Instagram post likes: up to 100

Instagram video views: up to 10k

Instagram story views: up to 500

Instagram Post saves: up to 500

Instagram comment likes: up to 200


The price is $35 for 2 days of access. You will be given the url to the panel with your own password. Each time you submit there is a 10 minute cooldown.


No refunds on this purchase*

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  • No refunds after purchase.

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